Dog Walking Rates: How Much Should You Charge?

There are several things that affect dog walking rates, among them, your experience in the dog walking business, the duration of the walk, the location, area or neighborhood where the dog is to be walked, and the number of dogs to be walked per client.

How To Charge Higher Dog Walking Rates

If you possess a dog walker’s certification along with some useful training, then you can charge higher than the nonprofessionals do. Nonprofessionals who are engaged in walking dogs may charge only half the price of what the professionals usually ask. This is due to the fact that almost anyone can take care of dogs, given that they have relevant experience. Most people who would even care about getting a dog walker or sitter, however, would still trust or choose professionals.

Keep in mind that most clients would ask you to walk their dogs for about thirty minutes per day. However, some who happen to own very energetic dogs want to have them out for longer walks – normally by as much as an hour.

In terms of location, good, average dog walking rates are found in small and medium-sized cities. The rule is that the bigger the city and its population, the higher the rate. You can also negotiate for a higher rate in case your client’s area is quite far or difficult to go to. You can likewise ask for additional pay in case there are special instructions like medication, feeding or grooming.

What Can Lower Your Dog Walking Rates

Some people have more than just one dog. In such case, you may choose to charge the second dog with only half the price you are asking for the first one. Remember that unless there are special instructions from the clients, you may choose to walk the dogs together or one by one, depending on their temperament and behavior as well as your ability.

In order to give you an idea of the average dog walking fees, remember that the rate is from $15 to $20 for thirty minutes, with hourly walks ranging from $23 to $30. Note however, that a popular practice is to walk a specific dog several times a day, say like five times a day, for thirty minutes. When this happens, the price you charge should decrease, at something like $12 for every half hour.

The price of walking dogs also decreases in case you choose to walk a group of two, three or four dogs. Every dog in the group may be charged at fifty percent or even less than what the solo dog being walked is being charged for. But remember, walking several dogs at a time can be pretty challenging so make sure that you’re up for it before you take on the job.

Although dog owners usually just want to ensure that their dogs get a walk or some dose of exercise, remember that you can offer additional services for a fee from time to time, like bathing and grooming the dog. Also, you get to charge double the normal rate during holidays. Indeed, your dog walking rates will reasonably become higher depending on various circumstances which can offer you more opportunities to develop financially and professionally in the dog care business.