Dog Walking Jobs

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Getting started with dog walking jobs is a great idea to earn additional income or even start a new business for dog lovers. There’s no formal training or certification required to do this kind of job, but experience in handling dogs is definitely an advantage.

dog walking jobsThose who want to consider walking dogs for a living should be both a people person and a dog person. You need to relate to your clients well by understanding their needs and concerns, and at the same time, effectively communicate what you can do for them. As for being a dog person, you need to know not just how to walk dogs; you need to know how to take care of them. That is why having experience dealing with dogs is crucial to this kind of job.

There are a couple of things you need to consider when you’re deciding on taking on dog walking jobs and this includes the following:

    • Rate. This is among your clients’ primary concerns. How much will you charge for walking their dogs? Note that most people want their dogs to be walked for thirty minutes a day, so you need to have a clear answer as to how much you will charge for thirty minutes to an hour. Decide if you will give discounts or not for families who want you to walk more than just one dog. What matters about the rate is that it is reasonable, and it should be based on your experience, the average rate in the area, and the proximity of your client’s location.
  • Business/Job Coverage. You may choose to either just walk dogs or offer other services related to dog care for an additional fee, like feeding them or grooming them. Offering more services will depend on your skills, abilities and availability. And although such services mean more work, they also translate into bigger income and better professional dog care experience.
  • Schedule. Will you walk your client’s dog daily or three times a week? How many dogs do you plan to take care of? How many dogs can you handle or walk at a time? These are some questions that you need to answer in order to get your schedule fixed. Remember, be organized and plan well as this will show your clients how good you are at what you do.
  • Dog types. Note that although most dog types – be they toy dogs or large dogs, would need to be walked somehow, but it’s usually the big dogs that need more walking. Know which types of dogs you’re comfortable handling because different types of dogs have various temperaments which you need to be familiar with.

Indeed, dog walking jobs can be truly fun and fulfilling. In fact, it’s not quite exactly a job because it lets a dog lover like you have a rewarding time with some newfound canine friends. Not only is it an enjoyable job, it is also a potentially lucrative business once you have yourself well-established in the field.