Dog Sitting Rates: How Much To Charge

dog sitting ratesIf you are considering starting your own dog sitting business, then it is only reasonable that you understand how to set your dog sitting rates. Rates may vary from one place to another, and although there are average rates, you get to set your own price and negotiate with your clients.

How To Set Your Dog Sitting Rates

The simple idea behind dog sitting is that you have clients who need to work but do not want to leave their pets behind for very long hours without being attended to. Depending on your availability, you may choose to charge your clients per visit to their dog or per number of hours you stay to pet sit.

Some professional dog sitters offer their services for thirty minutes per visit, at a rate of $25 for up to three pets. The service includes walking and playing with the dog, giving food and water as well as medication if needed, along with cleaning up in case the dog does its business in the house. There are additional charges for special requests like giving the dog a bath or taking it for a visit to the vet.

One factor to consider in setting dog sitting rates is how far your client’s home is from your own. You can charge a transportation/gas allowance especially if you will have to drive or get a cab to get to the area, instead of just walking or biking your way to it.

Whether clients want you to stay for a couple of hours or just visit for a few minutes several times within the day, keep in mind that you can always get a good deal out of every situation. For clients who want you to care for their dogs for several hours, the advantages include the assurance of a good and steady pay with minimal transportation effort. Scheduling also becomes simple in this manner. On the other hand, clients who request you to only make short visits to check on their dogs give you the opportunity to expand your business further and do other things.

How Dog Sitting Rates Can Change

Note, by the way, that the rates get a bit cheaper for succeeding hours that your service is obtained. For example, the first hour of your pet sitting may be charged at $30, but the succeeding ones may be pegged at only $15 or even less. This is reasonable since you don’t expect the dog to be hyperactive all the time; after you walk them, feed them and play with them, they too, would need some rest, and all you have to do is to literally look after them.

The key to setting good rates is to know your abilities, possible expenses to be incurred at the job and the average price/cost of pet sitting service in your area. Remember to explain to your clients the idea behind the dog sitting rates you present to them – especially if they care to ask. Emphasize your strengths, like the extensiveness of your experience in handling dogs and the positive testimonies you have obtained from previous and current clients.